Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sage Mode Chess - Paul Morphy 1

My next few posts here on Sage Mode Chess will be about Paul Morphy who is probably one of the greatest players in the history of the game. It is famously known that the boy genius did not formally learn the game only teaching himself by observing family members play. You've already come across his most famous game here on Sage Mode Chess - that's the game between him and the 2 Dukes.
Here's another famous game by the prodigy. Here Paul Morphy had black. I hope you enjoy the game

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ademola Sorungbe in Sage Mode

Today on Sage Mode Chess, I present one of the best games (in my opinion) played in the history of Nigerian Chess.
I hope you all enjoy it.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sage Mode Chess - A Position from Capablanca's Book

In one of my former posts I wrote a short fictional story (P.S I never played against an IM in the loo!) which was actually an adaptation, into a story, of the famous game between Paul Morphy and the dukes.
Today I'll be telling another fictional story.

I stared for some time through the show-glass at the position. Chess tempts me so (chess always tempts me), so I went into the shop and asked the attendant - quite good-naturedly - if I could take a closer look at the set.
"Sure", he replied.
And to the beautifully hand-crafted art I went. I stood there for some time trying to figure it out. I must have spent a good time at the set, for the attendant approached me - suspicious, I suspect (pun not intended) -  as I reached for the Bishop on d6 and slowly settled it on g3.
"You've blundered", he pointed out
"What!? Does this guy even know about chess? This is tactics and either the...",.
Before I could say "Queen" (to myself of course), he picked up the Queen - he seemed to know what I was thinking - and captured the pawn on f7.
"Check", he called. Then I realized my gross blunder. For now after I take the white Queen with my Rook, then comes Re8 checkmate.
I left the shop that day wondering how I could have blundered.
Years later I got a copy of Capablanca's "My Chess Career" in which he talked about the game (I couldn't miss it and I never forgot it). He suggested, instead of my Bg3 blunder, Bh2+!! White replies with Kg1.

Only now should the Bishop come to g3.
So now if the Queen takes the f7 pawn with a check, then the Rook can take back but this time with a check - white's King has to move out of check first!

P.S: This is all fiction! I've never played chess at a shop. The positions are for real, however.

Hope you loved this.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sage Mode Chess; Putting it all together

So in the past few weeks I've been sharing, a little at a time, Sage Mode Chess games - games I played so well, I think I must have been in Sage Mode while playing them! Naruto fans understand what I mean ;-)
I've decided to put these games together in one place.
  1. Sage Mode Chess - Games 10 & 9
  2. Sage Mode Chess - Games 8, 7 & 6
  3. Sage Mode Chess - Games 5 and 4
  4. and my Top 3

I hope you enjoy going through them as I did presenting them to you

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sage Mode Chess; Game by ObiJoe

Today Sage Mode Chess features, for the first time, a blitz played by a good friend of mine at Yahoo! Games. He has done a good job at letting us peek into his mind as he played the game.
Thanks Joseph
Enjoy everybody

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sage Mode Chess; My Top 3

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sage Mode, games 5 and 4

Hi everyone. Coming in at 5th and 4th places are...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Paul Morphy and the 2 Dukes continued

In my last post I told a FICTIONAL story that led to the game between Paul Morphy and the 2 Dukes . Here I present the actual game in a Java Applet. The annotations are by Bobby Fisher. Enjoy it y'all.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Sage Mode: Paul Morphy and the two Dukes

I was at a program one time when nature called for me and so to the loo I went. The call of nature so beclouded my senses that I hadn't noticed the label on the door. After answering the call I observed the label says 'GENTS e4'. Interesting, the gentlemen use loo number e4! My chess instinct would not let go off me so I succumbed. I wrote up my own label - 'e5'.

I came on day two of the program and again mother nature called. I got to use the loo again when I noticed someone had written 'Nf3' following my own 'e5'. "Ooookkkaaayyy", I thought. "So there are at least 2 chess lovers here". We all know what happens when we combine the following;
1)  A chess lover
2)  A second chess lover
3)  An opportunity to play chess.
You got it! A game ensues.

So I scribbled 'd6' wondering if my assumed opponent would respond. Sure enough he did (couldn't have been a girl, its a male toilet!). 'd4' was his reply. "Bg4", I wrote on the door and also decided to leave a message/greeting for him. "Hi, I'm Akin", I defaced the  toilet door with a lie and went back to my seat"

About an hour later, I eagerly (I do mean that word!) went back to the toilet to see if my opponent had replied. "dxe 2300+ Elo", "WOW!", I almost screamed! Playing against an IM at the toilet! At least the humiliation will private. "BxN", unsure if had made the right move.

The program soon finished and I decided to branch at the loo again just before leaving the venue. What I saw depressed me. His move came with a message that could devastate anybody's morale. "QxB - u'r dull". "dxe", I wrote. That was cold and uncalled for. So, I tried a weak attempt to lighten up the situation a little. "So, wat do u do 4 a livin?" (the toilet door was getting filled up by now!) I went back home that day feeling both angry and depressed. I made up my mind I would win that game not minding my opponent had a rating that was way over me.

On the third and final day of the program, I arrived at the venue very early. You see, come rain, come shine, chess players will be chess players. While others would have stopped the game on my opponent's last comment. We chess lovers won't.

'Bc4'. His move came with a message; "Wat did u say ur rating was?". This was good. I had thought my last I had thought my socializing skills worked. My depression and anger lifted. "Nf6, 1500+", I responded only to come back and find;
"Qb3, u'r not dat intelligent. Speak the truth and shame the devil!" WHAT!?

"Qe7, dat was an insult and it was uncalled for", I replied

"Nc3, ppl like u, who talk too mch r usually unintelligent"

"c6, u really r ful of urself aren't u" trying to refrain from using abusive language.

"Bg5, ful of myself? duh! we'v been talking abt u"

"b5". The program ended at this point and realistically I was happy about that. I hated playing against haughty people anyway (after all was this not a game of the noble?). Just as I had done the previous day, I decided to check out the loo again.

"Nb5" (Sage Mode) and an e-mail address. What is this!? A knight sacrifice!? Normally I wouldn't continue given that the guy was proud and besides the program had come to an end, but I really wanted to know what his sacrifice would lead to.

cxb was my reply by mail, Bxc5+ was his.

Nd7.  O-O-O Rd8.

The game continued;
RxN RxR.
Rd1 Qe6
BxR+ I was in a loo - almost literally!

NxB and I resigned. Can you see the ending? Below is a diagram of the final position

ans 1. Qb8+ Nxb8 2. Rd8#

If you were white playing against 2400+ Elo, the most honorable move here is Resign (give that !! (brilliancy))
A few days later I got an invitation from him which I turned down without thinking twice! (who wants more insults and yabs over a game)
I never got a word of apology for all the insults I got at the loo!

P.S. Non of all these ever happened. I never played against an IM in the loo!!! It was the game between Paul Morphy and the two Dukes. Paul Morphy beat them both (proof that in chess, there is no power in numbers)