Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sage Mode Chess - A Position from Capablanca's Book

In one of my former posts I wrote a short fictional story (P.S I never played against an IM in the loo!) which was actually an adaptation, into a story, of the famous game between Paul Morphy and the dukes.
Today I'll be telling another fictional story.

I stared for some time through the show-glass at the position. Chess tempts me so (chess always tempts me), so I went into the shop and asked the attendant - quite good-naturedly - if I could take a closer look at the set.
"Sure", he replied.
And to the beautifully hand-crafted art I went. I stood there for some time trying to figure it out. I must have spent a good time at the set, for the attendant approached me - suspicious, I suspect (pun not intended) -  as I reached for the Bishop on d6 and slowly settled it on g3.
"You've blundered", he pointed out
"What!? Does this guy even know about chess? This is tactics and either the...",.
Before I could say "Queen" (to myself of course), he picked up the Queen - he seemed to know what I was thinking - and captured the pawn on f7.
"Check", he called. Then I realized my gross blunder. For now after I take the white Queen with my Rook, then comes Re8 checkmate.
I left the shop that day wondering how I could have blundered.
Years later I got a copy of Capablanca's "My Chess Career" in which he talked about the game (I couldn't miss it and I never forgot it). He suggested, instead of my Bg3 blunder, Bh2+!! White replies with Kg1.

Only now should the Bishop come to g3.
So now if the Queen takes the f7 pawn with a check, then the Rook can take back but this time with a check - white's King has to move out of check first!

P.S: This is all fiction! I've never played chess at a shop. The positions are for real, however.

Hope you loved this.

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